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Laser Lites was originally conceived in 1992 by Dr. Paul Hewitt, who has a PhD in Chemistry / Physics, nearly 40 years experience in canine coat care through his involvement with the Afghan Hound, Saluki and Lhasa Apso under the world famous Khandhu prefix, and nearly 20 years grooming almost every breed known in his family boarding kennel and grooming salon.

This background has allowed Dr Hewitt to develop one of the most comprehensive ranges of premium hair care products being marketed in the world of show dogs.

Laser Lites started selling commercially in 1995 and is now among the top selling ranges on the Australian show dog scene, is in the top ten in Europe, and sells in nearly 50 countries worldwide.

Why is the Laser Lites range so different ?

Firstly, this is a range of products developed for animals, not just human products re-badged. As a consequence, most of our products are acid neutral to suit the skins of dogs, cats, horses, and indeed all animals. Correct pH reduces dandruff and flakey skin. We will talk in terms of dogs, but remember, Laser Lites is suitable for all animals, including the human kind.

Secondly, no two dogs' coats are the same, even within the same breed. So we sell core products, plus additives so that you can develop your own formula that will be just right for your particular dog.

Thirdly, we have a two-program approach - show and maintenance. While it is very important to show the dog with the correct texture, it is not necessary to be that way at home. Put simply, soft hair grows more rapidly than harsh hair, which tends to break off. Laser Lites has a range of products to help in maintenance, and another range to give you back the correct texture for your breed in the show ring.

Fourthly, our shampoos are low sudsing to rinse out easily, and most of our conditioners are leave in. So, much less water is used in the bathing process.

And finally, our standard dilution rate is 1:10. Coupled with our selling price, this makes Laser Lites arguably the best value-for-money range on the market.

So there you have itů.. five very good reasons for choosing Laser Lites next time you purchase your animal hair care products.

 Category 1 - Short to Medium Length Coat

 Category 2 - Fringed Breeds

 Category 3 - Terrier Type Coats

 Category 4 - Spitz Coat

 Category 5 - Long Soft or Silky Coats

 Category 6 - Poodles

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