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Long Life Brush
Laser Lites Long Life Hair Brush is a radical new brush that is sure to last much longer than any of the existing brands.

For years, the very best pin brushes from the UK and Germany have been made the same way, so that within hours of using them, the pins begin to sink into the cushion.

LASER LITES is proud to announce the release of the Long Life Brush. This brush has a revolutionary cushion design, so that it is impossible for the pins to sink into the cushion during normal use.

We have trialled this brush in a grooming shop for the past 2 years, where oil, heat, teflon, and 8 hour days have failed to sink a single pin into the cushion. (But we did break two handles, bend a few pins, and caused the cushion glue to fail - but no pins sank into the cushion !! )

These difficulties have now been resolved, and we are ready to launch the brush.We sell the brush with a guarantee that if a pin sinks into the cushion within six months, we will replace the brush free of charge.

Don't forget . . . . . if you bend pins the glue will fail and the cushion will come out !!