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Category 6 - Poodles:

There are three varieties of Poodles but the standards are the same: only the height is varied for each variety. Coat type is the same for all varieties.

Poodle coat is required to be harsh and naturally stand away from the body.

Show Bath:
Due to the fact that this breed calls for a harsh textured coat that will naturally stand away from the body your choice of shampoo will be dependant on the quality of your coat. If your coat is of excellent texture then you could use Herbal Shampoo. A coat that needs only a little more harshness may find that Ti Tree and Citronella Shampoo would be most suitable. For those coats needing extra help to produce the desired harsh texture would be best to use Stripping Shampoo, perhaps with a little No More Stains added.. It is not advisable to condition the coat for a show day as this may cause the coat to drop.

As most exhibitors choose to re bath their dog after a show to remove sprays and additives a different regime should be adopted (see below under Maintenance).

White and light coloured poodles are prone to staining from urine, dirt or grass. For effective stain removal make a mixture of shampoo with No More Stains. Make this mixture from 1 cup of shampoo mixed with a tablespoon of No More Stains then add hot water enough to produce a paste. Be mindful that adding hot water to this mixture will cause the mixture to froth up therefore use a container that appears larger than necessary. Apply the paste to the stained coat and leave for at least 15 minutes. Then shampoo coat with your shampoo of choice. As any whitening process will cause the natural oils in the coat to be removed it is recommended that you use an Intensive Protein Treatment or Volume Plus after this process.

One of the most common problems incurred by Poodle exhibitors is the matting of the coat in between shows thus adding many hours to the regular grooming schedule. The best way to alleviate this problem of matting is to soften the coat between shows.

Shampoo your dog with Stripping Shampoo to remove sprays and additives then shampoo using Lanolin Shampoo or Duo. Thoroughly rinse the coat of all shampoo. Condition using either Intensive Protein Treatment or Lanolin Conditioner mixed with one to two capfuls of Silk. Ensure that this mixture is evenly distributed throughout the coat either by applying in a Hydro Bath or applying in a bath tub where excess is able to be scooped back through the coat. Do not rinse out - dry as normal.

If you prefer to put your dogs 'down in oil' then follow the maintenance shampoo instructions and replace the conditioner with Mattless Magic. Also WOW is excellent to help de-tangle your dog's coat.

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