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Category 3 - Terrier Type Coats

Typical Breeds: Australian, Airedale, Border, Cairn, Scottish and West Highland White Terriers, German Wire Haired Pointer, Scottish Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound and Schnauzer.

This category calls for a hard or harsh outer coat some with softer furnishings however the operative word in this category is harsh.

Show Bath:
If the coat is in optimum condition and needs no extra harshness then simply shampoo with either Stripping or Ti Tree and Citronella Shampoo. No conditioner is necessary on show day. If the coat is a little too soft then shampoo with Stripping Shampoo with No More Stains added to increase the harsh finish.

We recommend a Bay Rum mixture for a finishing spray on show day.

Once again many breeds in this category are not bathed weekly. When you are not completely bathing your dog you can use Dry Kleen which is a waterless shampoo. This type of shampoo is designed not to be rinsed off. Simply spray Dry Kleen onto the coat and place a warm damp towel over the animal. This will lift the dirt, grime and smell from the coat leaving a fresh scent. Consider that the Dry Kleen solution could be diluted and not used in the ready to use state for this category. A Laser Lites aromatherapy oil deodorant is also suggested.

Staining is also an issue with this category and once again I recommend daily use of Dry Kleen to prevent urine and other substances from causing stains to the coat. If staining is already present see our 'Stain Removal' section.

As many breeds within this category use a combination of products, including chalk powder, to enhance their furnishings on show days it is recommended that at least the furnishings are shampooed after the show. When bathing furnishings shampoo with either of the following; Lanolin or Herbal Shampoo.

As furnishings are usually required to be fairly profuse then conditioning during maintenance bathing is recommended. It is recommended that you condition the coat with any of the following; Acid Rinse, Balsam or Lanolin. Conditioning furnishings brings back the elasticity to the hair and prevents breakage thus producing more fullness to the coat.

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